Are Miracles Possible ?

Truth Matters:  Are Miracles Possible?

Ratio Christi:  September 6, 2017

Gastroparesis Healing:  November 2011

This young man was healed of lifelong gastroparesis after prayer at age 16.  His case was published in the peer reviewed journal, Complimentary Therapies in Medicine.   I have spoken with him and interviewed him in detail about his healing.  I consider this a genuine healing miracle in answer to prayer. 

Raising the Dead:  Dr. Chauncey Crandall

I heard Dr. Crandall speak and discuss the details of this case. Dr. Crandall is a board certified cardiologist in West Palm Beach, Florida. The facts portrayed in this video speak for themselves.  This is an irrefutable case of a man raised from the dead.

Ronald Coyne - The Plastic Eye Miracle

At age 8, Ronald lost his right eye but could see after prayer at a revival meeting in 1951.  I saw Ronald Coyne in 1978.  I was in the front row of the meeting hall, he walked up and stood directly in front of me an arm's distance away and I could see that his right eye had been completely removed.  Yet, he could see and read anything put in front of him without an eye.  It was such an incredible thing to witness that most would consider it a hoax.  Dr. Elizabeth Vaughn, a board certified ophthalmologist, examined Ronald Coyne and describes what she saw.  I agree with Dr. Vaughn.  This a genuine miracle.

Gene Mullenax: Missing Lung and Ribs Restored. 

I had the privilege of meeting Gene Mullenax in 1978.  I was able to talk with him personally and ask questions about his healing.  Gene Mullenax experienced a genuine creative miracle.