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Presentations and Interviews

Dr. Joseph Bergeron: A Medical Perspective on Jesus' Death, Resurrection & the Shroud of Turin

Real Seeker Ministries:  October 22, 2022

Interview with Dale Glover and Daniel Lowry

Crucifixion of Jesus: A Medical Examination. 

Dr. Bergeron's lecture by Zoom for Agape Christian Fellowship, a Christian medical student group at the University of the Philippines College of Medicine on November 20, 2021. 

How Did Jesus Really Die?  (A Medical Examination of the Cross)

Standardized Apologetics. April 25, 2020

A Medical Doctor DESTROYS the Hallucination Hypothesis

Capturing Christianity.  March 26, 2020

RTB 101: What was the Medical Cause of Jesus's Death?

Reasons to Believe.  April 2, 2021

Two-Minute Warning: Watergate and the Risen Christ

Charles Colson: The Colson Center.  April 20, 2011

Hearing Chuck Colson speak in 1985 made a lasting impression on me.   I included his argument for the resurrection of Christ in my book.  Charles Colson provides a synopsis of his argument here.

When You Understand it Medically, You'll Appreciate Christ's Sacrifice.

CBN News with Paul Strand.  April 17, 2019

Dubbed into Romanian

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