Presentations and Interviews

How Did Jesus Really Die?  (A Medical Examination of the Cross)

Standardized Apologetics. April 25, 2020

A Medical Doctor DESTROYS the Hallucination Hypothesis

Capturing Christianity.  March 26, 2020

RTB 101: What was the Medical Cause of Jesus's Death?

Reasons to Believe.  April 2, 2021

Two-Minute Warning: Watergate and the Risen Christ

Charles Colson: The Colson Center.  April 20, 2011

Hearing Chuck Colson speak in 1985 made a lasting impression on me.   I included his argument for the resurrection of Christ in my book.  Charles Colson provides a synopsis of his argument here.

When You Understand it Medically, You'll Appreciate Christ's Sacrifice.

CBN News with Paul Strand.  April 17, 2019