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Gospel Piano

I'm an amateur pianist and have recorded these hymns and Gospel songs. I trust you will be blessed in listening.

Amazing Grace was first published by Anglican clergyman, John Newton, in 1779. Newton originally titled the poem "Faith's Review and Expectation." The original tune used with the poem is unknown. In 1835 American composer William Walker set the poem to the tune "New Britain" which became the song we currently know as Amazing Grace. May you be blessed by my personal rendition of this great hymn.

Easter Song was written by Annie Herring and first released in 1974 on the debut album of the 2nd Chapter of Acts, a contemporary Christian band comprised of Annie and her siblings, Nelly Greisen and Michael Ward. May you be blessed by this rendition of the Easter Song

30 Minutes Piano:  Worship music, Prayer, Soaking

Improvisations of worship chorus "Hallelujah."

All images have creative commons license

People Get Ready

Written by Curtis Mayfield and performed by the Impressions, it rose to the R&B top ten in 1965. Many artists have performed it since. Rolling Stone magazine named People Get Ready the 24th greatest song of all time. Images used have creative commons license

Since I Laid My Burdens Down

As the Deer  

Written by Martin J. Nystrom in 1981, released in 1984, As the Deer became one of the most popular worship songs of the twentieth century. It has been used in worship services all over the world. Images used have creative commons license.

Falling in Love with Jesus (Piano Cover)

Words and music by South African singer songwriter, Jonathan Butler. Images used are either in the public domain or have creative commons license.

Takin' It to The Streets was written by Michael McDonald and recorded by the Doobie Brothers in 1976. The song was inspired by conversations between Michael and his sister, as well as a college essay written by his sister. The song speaks from the perspective of growing up in the inner city, poor and in despair. Michael McDonald intentionally wrote the song with a Gospel sound to underscore the importance of the message. McDonald had a Catholic upbringing in St. Louis and is a self-professed Christian. He is a friend to the Little Sisters of the Poor and dedicated his Christmas album to their work in San Francisco.


Michael McDonald often plays a few bars of the Christian hymn as an introduction when performing Takin' It to The Streets. I have done the same here. All images used have creative commons license.

The Power of the Cross (Oh, to See the Dawn) was written by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend in 2005. All images have creative commons license or are in the public domain.

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